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Laboratory Equipment

Product Image (GVL-10)

Vertical Autoclave

Price: 30000.00 INR

Doubled walled construction with fully Stainless steel 304 quality. Top cover is die pressed to domed shape. Supporting flange is made of thick S.S. flat, entire joint argon are welded and grounded to smooth bur free finish. The autoclave is supported with three cast iron sturdy legs duly coated, it is also. Supplied with two safety valve, pressure gauge, steam release valve, basket drain valve. The autoclave is electrically operated to work on 230V AC and is hydraulically tested for one and half times the operating pressure. Size: 12dia X 20ht/14dia X 22ht. 18dia X 24ht/20dia X 30ht.

Product Image (GVL-25)

Heating Mantle

Price: 1500 INR

A maximum surface temperature of 400C. Working on 230V AC. Sizes: 250ml/500ml/1 Ltr/2 Ltr/3 Ltr/5 Ltr.

Product Image (GVL-70)

Water Bath

Price: 3640 INR

Doubled walled. Inner chamber made of Stainless steel and outer of mid steel duly painted. The lid of 6 holes of 3 Inch diameter with concentric rings. The bath is fitted with immersion heater rating 1000W, 230V AC. Sizes: 14 X 10 X 4/16 X 12 X 4

Product Image (GVL-20)

Hot Plate Round

Price: 1800 INR/Number

Top Plate made of cast iron & body of G.I. sheet powder coated Plate Size In Inches Rating 8 inch 1.2 k.w. 9 inch 1.5 k.w. 12 inch 2.0 k.w.

Product Image (GVL-30)

Bacteriological Incubator

Price: 6440 INR

Double walled construction inner chamber made of Mild steel / stainless steel 304Q & exterior G.I. sheet powder coated. The gap between the two walls filled with glass wool insulation. Inner glass door & exterior metal door with magnetic gasket & lock. Temperature controlled by electronic digital temperature controlled cum indicator. Temperature Range 5c above ambient to 60c accuracy +/- 0.5c. Supplied with G.I. wire mesh shelve. Chamber Size In Inches No Of Shelves 12x12x12 2 14x14x14 2 18x18x18 3 18x18x24 4 24x24x24 4 24x24x36 5

Product Image (GVL-65)

Water Still

Price: 4550 INR

Distilled water is water that has been boiled into vapor and condensed back into liquid in a separate container. Impurities in the original water that do not boil below or near the boiling point of water remain in the original container. Thus, distilled water is a type of purified water.Water Still electricity operated for pyrogen free distilled water. Body made of stainless steel with stainless steel condenser and with immersion heaters. Sizes: 2 ltr/4 ltr/6 ltr/8 ltr/10 ltr.

Product Image (GVL-37)

Vacuum Oven

Price: 22000.00 INR

Double walled in construction fully made of thick gauge Stainless 304Q plate & exterior made of G.I. sheets powder coated. Door made of thick plate & toughened glass in centre to see through the chamber. The gap between the two walls filled with glass wool insulation. Temperature Controlled by electronic digital temperature controlled cum indicator. Supplied with Aluminium tray vacuum gauge, vacuum cock, Temp Range 50c to 200c accuracy +/-2c Chamber Size No Of Shelve 12x12x12 2 14x14x14 2 14x14x18 3 18x18x18 3 18x18x24 4

Product Image (GVL-45)

Digital BOD Incubator

Price: 35700.00 INR/Number

Electronic controlled, double walled in construction exterior made of mild steel with powder coated finish glass wool insulation-full length inner glass door and outside metal door with magnetic gasket and lock unit consist of digital controller cum indicator with suitable sensor. Provided with forced air circulation for uniform temperature within the chamber-hermetically sealed compressed unit with electronic time relay to safeguard compressor, castor wheels for easy movability, automatic chamber light. Unit works on 230V AC 50Hz supply. Temperature range 5C to 60C Accuracy + 0.5C. Supplied with S.S. Shelves. Capacity: 3cu.ft. (90Ltr.) / 6cu.ft. (170Ltr.) 10cu.ft. (280Ltr.) /12cu.ft. (330Ltr.)

Product Image (GVL-49)

Low Temperature Cryostat bath

Double walled construction inner made of thick gauge stainless steel 304Q & exterior made G.I. sheet powder coated. Cooling is by hermetically sealed compressors with CFC free refrigerant. Heating is by specially designed heaters. A motor with stirrer for better temperature uniformity. Temperature controlled by Microprocessor based Auto tune PID Digital temperature controller with PT 100 as sensor. Temp range 0c to ambient Bathe Capacity Working Size (WxDxH) 15 LTR 10x8x8 30 LTR 12x10x10

Product Image (GVL-35A)

Hot Air Oven

Price: 6440 INR/Number

Double walled construction inner chamber made of Mild Steel/Stainless Steel 304Q & exterior G.I. sheets powder coated. The gap between the two walls filled with glass wool insulation. Temperature Controlled by thermostat. Temperature Range: 50C to 250C accuracy (+/-2C). Supplied with G.I. wire mesh shelves.

Product Image (GVL-60)

Soxhlet Extraction Heating Mantle

Price: 4620 INR/Unit

Fibre glass hand knitted heating surface having knichrome heating elements. Body made of M.S. sheet duly finished with powder coating with energy regulators. Useful for quick heating which save extraction time.

Product Image (GVL-20)

Hot Plate Rectangular

Price: 1600 INR/Number

Rectangular body made of thick G.I. with powder coating and cast iron plate on top. Sizes: 10 X 12/10 X 16/12 X 18

Product Image (GVL-330)

Laminar Air Flow

We offer Horizontal Laminar Flow manufactured on the basis of industrial standards and norms so as to ensure excellent functioning and reliable performance. Presented air flow models are made available in a laminated finish and have aluminum framed high efficiency particulate air filter and washable type pleated pre-filters. We offer these high performing and reliable horizontal laminar flows at affordable rates.

Product Image (GVL-115)

Polari Meter

Polari meter is reliable instrument for accurate measurement of optical rotations, for study of polarizing effects and quick determination between dextrose and levoross. Salient Features : With 220mm tube having a bubble trap, smaller tubes also be used. Glass Scale is marked in angular and ISS degree ranges from 30 degree to +130 degree. Permanent Focus. Rotating Haft shadow effect. Provision for attaching lamp.

Product Image (GVL-119)

Vortex Shaker

Specifications: Speed 0 to 2000 rpm Touch or continuous operating modes; Electrical 120-240V 60/50Hz; Orbital Movement Ambient operating range +4oC to 60oC. Including cup head, line cord, and instruction manual.

Product Image (GVL-84)

Viscosity Bath

Double walled construction inner made of stainless steel 304Q & exterior made of G.I. sheets for better for temperature uniformity. Toughened glass window on both sides. Temperature controlled by microprocessor based auto tune PID digital temperature controlled with PT 100 as sensor with accuracy +/-0.5c.

Product Image (GVL-130)

Ultra Violet Inspection Cabinet

Useful for viewing paper and thin layer chromatograms G.I. epoxy powder coated cabinet with enclose long, short wave and white source.


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